Snappy Fishy Fun!


This week we have been catching lots of crabs and some fishy friends by the seaside. None of our fish were big enough to bring home so we decided to make some little fishy friends to play with at home…..snappy fish to be precise!

You will need:


White card
Scraps of coloured card and a long piece of blue card if you have it.
Clothes pegs (wooden look best)
Double sided tape or glue
Colouring pencils or markers to decorate fish
(Older children can accessorise with buttons, glitter, felt etc)
Google eyes (if you have them)

Step 1:


Draw as many outlines of fish as you can on your white card. Approx 2inch in length is best. Get a grown up to cut out these templates if you can’t. Now select your background fish colour and cut out your fish.


Step 2:


Cut up the middle of the fish. If you can at the mouth end make it a slight curve to emphasise mouth of fish. Then straighten up nearer tail. Then it’s time to decorate your fish. Lots of colours and shapes and if you can add a google eye and sharp white teeth (for extra bite!) to upper piece of fish.



Step 3:


Glue the end of your peg with double sided tape and stick down hard the top and bottom half of fish onto peg. Cut a long strip of blue and make it curved or bumpy to look like the sea. Place a peg at either end of your sea to stand it up. Then get your snappy fish into action behind the wave or riding the crest of the wave!


Step 4:


Make as many fish as you can, why not throw a scary shark into the sea too! Then play away creating stories or role play or put on a show for your parents and siblings. Hours of fun from some scraps of paper and a few pegs off the line!


Don’t forget to email me your creations. I love to see what your make. Email
Happy Snappy Fishy making everyone!


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