Witch….foraging fun!


It’s midterm and were on holidays. We were out for a walk with our cousins in bonny glen and decided to do some foraging! So much fun! See what we created!

You will need:
A bag or lots of hands
Kids ready for some fun
Large sheet, roll of paper or blanket

Step 1:


Head to your destination with your bag and collect as much foraged material as you can. Think about what your going to make and find the right stuff. Ie. long nose, hair for witch


Step 2:

When you get home lay out your found stuff and get started. Place your sheet or roll of paper out and get creating.


Step 3:

You can create as many faces as you like or take it in turns if each child wants to do their own. Hours of fun!

Happy crafting everyone! Don’t forget to email me your spooky creations ruthduckblue@gmail.com


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