Paper Cup Lighthouse


One of our favourite places to visit with our friends is Wicklow Lighthouse. There is a lovely walk up to it from our friends granny’s house and at the top you can walk all around the lighthouse and look up at it. It’s huge…..we just love it! This week we talked about the lighthouse and the kids said….let’s build our own. So today we did and Emily’s friend helped us. We had so much fun.

You will need:
Paper cup (red if you have one)
Stripes of white tape (or you can colour with paint or pens)
Foil from around tea light
A clear plastic cup
Yellow paper
Black paper


Step 1:


Cut stripes of tape and stick them to your cup, in circles around cup.
(3 ideally but you can do as many as you like)


Step 2:


Using your scissors (or ask grown up to help) cut out a little door at the bottom of your cup. About 1.5 inch in height.
Then using black paper cut out some small squares and tape them to your lighthouse (all over!)


Step 2:


Cut a one inch flame shape out of your yellow paper and stick it to your empty tea light foil. This is your light house light.


Step 3:

Then get your clear plastic cup and cut it about 1 inch from the bottom (a grown up may have to help you) and place it on top of your light!



Your lighthouse is now finished…why not take out some lego minifigures and let them play in your lighthouse. They are ideal size. Happy playing everyone. Don’t forget we love to see your creations. Email them to

Happy crafting everyone!


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