Parachute Man


What a beautiful spring day it is and all the kids are playing outside. Harry and our neighbour came up with this super cool creation all by themselves. It’s amazing what they can come up with at such a young age. Why not make your own parachute man or woman or superhero….. It’s super easy.

You will need:


Piece of kitchen roll
Paper and pencil and colours
Hole punch

Step 1:


Draw your man or woman and colour it in. Think about what a parachute man might need…helmet, gloves, shoes, watch …. compass….whatever you want. When you are finished cut it out.


Step 2:


Using your hole punch, punch a hole in the mans hands and in the four corners of your kitchen roll.


Step 3:


Tie your string through the four corners of the kitchen roll and tie each end to your mans hands. Your parachute man is now ready to take flight. Why not bring him outside and throw him about. See how far he can fly in the wind.




Can’t wait to see what you can come up with. Why not email us your creations to

Happy crafting everyone!


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