Easter Bucket


Easter is next week and the kids are counting down the day til our big Easter egg hunt in Nana Marie’s garden. Emily today decided she needed a nice bucket to put her eggs into and this is what we came up with. Until the big day we can fill it with lovely flowers.

You will need:


Flower pot or little bucket (ikea and tiger do great ones)
Lollipop sticks
Handle from a paper shopping bag
Easter embellishment (you can make your own too)

Step 1:


Get a long strip of cello tape and stick your lollipop sticks in a pattern onto them. When you have a strip as long as the circumference of your pot then stop.


Step 2:


Stick your lollipop sticks to your pot and tie a ribbon around it to cover the tape as much as you can.


Step 3:


Find some Easter pictures in magazines or make your own (bunnies, eggs, chicks etc) and cut them out and stick them to your bucket. All the way around.


Step 4:


Cut the handle off your paper bag and write your message on the paper part. You can stick some more embellishment onto the sign. Then place the sign in your bucket.


Now fill your bucket with chocolates or flowers or anything you want. Make sure it’s empty for your egg hunt so you can fill it again!

Can’t wait to see what you all make. Don’t forget to email me your creations to ruthduckblue@gmail.com

Happy crafting!


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