Crazy Envelope Bookmark


It was spring clean day today in and I found all sorts of scrap paper and old envelopes that were scuffed or creased. So we decided we would use these envelopes to create fun, crazy bookmarks. So much fun!

You will need:


Old envelopes
Scrap paper
Double sided tape
….your imagination!

Step 1:


Get your envelope and draw a diagonal line across the corner making a triangle shape. Then cut along this line creating your corner pocket.


Step 2:


Open out the rest of the envelope and place the triangle pocket in the corner. Then draw a square on top of the base envelope and cut it out to create an insert for your pocket. Glue the back of it and place it into the pocket. This gives it more strength to hold in a book.


Step 3:


Now it’s time to decoatate. What will you make. Add eyes, nose maybe, teeth, tongue, hair, ears? You can make it as funny or crazy as you like. You can make it look like an animal or your dad?



Step 4:


When your bookmark is finished you can keep it for yourself or give it to a special friend. They are so easy and fun to make. Can’t wait to see what you make. Princess with a crown….self portrait….a lizard with a long tongue? So many things you can do. happy bookmark making!

Why not email me your creations, we love to see what you make.

Have fun!


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