Robin Hood Hat


Today is my sons 7th birthday and we are all so excited. I told him while he was at school I would make him and Emily super cool party hats they can wear after school. Their favourite movie at the moment is the classic Robin Hood…. So what better than to make a super cool Robin Hood hat with feather!

You will need:


A big sheet of green paper (or two A4s stuck together)
Red paper
Yellow paper

Step 1:


Stick your two sheets of A4 together and fold in half.


Step 2:


Draw a curve from the bottom to almost the top of the page with the spine away from the curve. Cut along the curve and fold along the curve to make flaps on each side.


Step 3:


Take the open end and curl it around to seal the back of the hat. Use the tape to stick it together. You can adjust the size to the head before you tape.


Step 4:


Take your red piece of paper and draw a feather on it with long stem. Cut out the feather outline and then cut slits in both sides to give right feather look.


Step 5:


Cut out a circle from the yellow card about the size of large coin. (Or heart in Emily’s case!) Stick the feather into the curve and seal with the gold button. Your hat is now ready to wear. Super easy and so much fun.


Can’t wait got see what you create. Don’t forget to email me your creations to
Happy crafting everyone!


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