Treasure Map

Finally the weather has improved and kids are back out playing on the road, soaking up some vit D. On Tuesday Harry went to a friends house and had so much fun playing treasure hunts and making maps so today we decided to do the same with the neighbours. Why don’t you have a go.

You will need:

 Blank paper

Used tea bag

Matches or lighter (under parents supervision only)


Step 1:

Drag your wet tea bag across your page to make it look old. Leave it to drip and sit on page to give various colour effects. Try and cover the whole page.

Step 2:

When your page is dry crumple it up to make it look damaged and old.

Step 3:

Ask an adult to help you with the next part. Go outside onto a path or piece of hard ground and light the edges of the paper blowing the flames out when they catch. Do this around the edges. Your map will now look really like an old map.

Step 4:

It’s now time to draw your map and add the all important red ‘X’ to mark the spot where your placing your treasure.

Step 5:

Hide your treasure and show the kids the map. First to find the treasure makes the next map.

Hours of fun! Enjoy the sun sunshine…..




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