Fun with chalk


We love to draw and the kids just love playing games on the street so today we decided to take our art out onto the street. The kids immediately started doodling and then we decided to do something else….a picture we could get in….. So much fun!

You will need:
Kids looking for fun
Your imagination


Step 1:

Think about what you would like to draw. Today in Ireland it’s sunny but rain showers keep passing through so we decided to draw a garden of flowers and some rain and then an umbrella.

Best to start at the bottom and work up, cause then you can get your scale right. We started with the grass.


Next we add some flowers, make them good and big, at least the length of your arm.


Next it was time for us to add the rain…. Lots of big blue dots….


Finally it was time to draw our umbrella that was to shelter us from the rain.

Step 2:

Next was our Mary Poppins moment to find a volunteer to jump into our picture and Emily was only too happy.


What will you create….. A spaceship and astronaut flying or through the sky…. Superman flying above a city…. You With your favourite animal or at the seaside???? So many possibilities. Don’t forget to email us your creations, we love to see them. Email

Happy drawing!


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