Farm animals puppet

 Today Harry went on his class trip to a farm in Kildare. He had the most amazing day and got to pet lots of animals. We sang Old Mac Donald all the way home and talking about these animals inspired us to make a cow puppet. I think over the coming days were going to make a pig, rabbit, dog etc and put on a show!!!! Can’t wait. Why don’t you have a go……

You will need:

Empty toilet roll


Colour pencils or paint

Hard cardboard/thick paper

Sticky tape

Step 1:

For our cow we drew large brown oval dots all the way around our toilet roll and coloured them in.

Step 2:

Draw a face onto your thick card and cut it out. Stick it onto the end of your toilet roll with sticky tape.

Step 3:

Draw four feet shapes onto your card and cut them out and using skewer or sharp scissors make hole in centre of each.

Step 4:

Make 4 holes (2 each end about inch apart) in the base of your toilet roll. Thread thread through it and tie on your feet making knot on the end.

Your cow is now ready to play with. You can make so many animals using same method. What will you make….. Email us your creations to

  Happy crafting everyone!


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