Minion Fever!

I don’t know about you but everywhere I look there are minions….. At least they are super cute! The kids can’t wait to see the movie this weekend when it launches. Today Harry and his buddy made there very own minions. Turned out mega cute and so easy they did them all themselves! Why not have a go…..

You will need:


Yellow paint

Toilet roll (Empty)


Big blue marker (sharpie or equivalent)

White paper 

Colour pencils/markers

Step 1:


Paint your toilet rolls yellow and leave to dry. Double layer if your can for best effect. (Maybe grown up can do this while kids are at school so they can be dry and ready to make when kids get home)

Step 2:


Give the kids the blue sharpie and let them draw their minion….which one will they do?


Colour in the trousers and allow to dry.

Step 3:

On a white piece of paper get the kids to draw the glasses, arms and shoes. Cut them out and stick onto your minion.


Now it’s time to bring them outside for a show! So much fun. So Easy too!


 Happy crafting everyone. Don’t forget to email your creations to

We love to see what you makes! 


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